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1.5 Good Things Come in 3’s

GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE GUTTER. not threesomes for either of us. at least not today. SARAH YORK celebrates here 3 yr NewYork-iversary while ASHLI POLLARD goes on her first ever 3rd date since Continue reading “1.5 Good Things Come in 3’s”


1.4 LEMONADE – who the F*$& is BECKY?!?!

This weekend LEMONADE dropped – did you know? Of course you did, we all did, and we HAVE TO TALK ABOUT IT. We cover it all and then some, including like, how is anyone safe if Queen Bey got cheated on?? Not cool Jay. Is monogamy possible? And also, did we spell that right?

Follow along and let us know your thoughts on Lemonade/us in general. We looove compliments.

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1.3 Dating in NYC — a Blessing, a Curse, and a Total f***ing Mess

WHO IS READY FOR BEYONCE.  Ashli is not and Sarah is selling her first born for Beyonce tickets just waiting for the album to drop. this week, the duo of the How to Adult Podcast, unveils a shocking Continue reading “1.3 Dating in NYC — a Blessing, a Curse, and a Total f***ing Mess”

1.1 Sarah York “don’t we all think with our vaginas?”

FIRST. EVER. PODCAST. you’re welcome, in advance.
here we go.

the woman. the myth. the legend. Ashli interviews SARAH YORK aka part 1 of the How to Adult Podcast duo, and funniest human being alive. listen as NYC’s Continue reading “1.1 Sarah York “don’t we all think with our vaginas?””

1.2 Easy Topics: Marriage, Children and Checking their Cell Phone?

Another week, another blackout. a day in the lives of hosts ASHLI POLLARD and SARAH YORK aka the duo of How to Adult Podcast. this episode covers simple topics such as Continue reading “1.2 Easy Topics: Marriage, Children and Checking their Cell Phone?”

welcome shmelcome

hello and welcome to the first blog post for the How to Adult Podcast. we will be posting all “episodes” (is that what they’re called? whatever) here, as well as on soundcloud and itunes. iTunes is our preferred method since we know our families cant figure out how to listen there. if you want to know more about Ashli and Sarah, first of all why? second of all, you can check out their about me pages in the menu.

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